Knowledge Cafe

The 2018 PHM Planning Committee Presents the 4th Annual Knowledge Café!

In this fast-paced and fun-filled session, you will have the opportunity to meet PHM leaders in the field and chat informally with them about how to get more involved on a national-scale, find a mentor and other topics such as work-life balance. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, network and learn from each other.

Who Should Attend? Target attendees include esidents, fellows and those junior hospitalists (3-5 years post-training). However, all are most welcome! Participants are free to come and go as needed.

Menu for Knowledge Café, Atlanta 2018, 3 - 5 PM


3:00 - 3:15 PM Introductions
3:15 - 3:25 PM How to Find a Mentor and How to Be a Good Mentee
3:25 - 3:30 PM Break
3:30 - 3:40 PM How to Work with Millenial Parents and Learners
3:40 - 3:45 PM Break
3:45 - 3:55 PM Am I Normal? I am overwhelmed!
3:55 - 4:00 PM Break
4:00 - 4:10 PM Wellness/Work Life Balance, Is it Even Possible?
4:10 - 4:15 PM Break
4:15 - 4:45 PM Popcorn Session (participants "pop up" and share what they have learned)

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