Abstracts & Conundrums

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the Academic Pediatric Association (APA) encourage the sharing of scientific research as part of the Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2022 (PHM 2022) conference.

Thank you to all those who submitted work for this year’s Research Abstracts and Clinical Conundrums program. Over 400 submissions will be presented at PHM 2022 this year!

There were over 640 submissions for Research Abstracts & Clinical Conundrums this year and a standardized, blinded review process was used for selection of accepted work for this year’s conference. All lead authors of abstracts and conundrums have been notified of their submission status.

The PHM ePosters Experience!

Tremendous work goes into the Research Abstracts & Clinical Conundrums program. PHM 2022 will emphasize the importance of this work by scheduling time throughout the conference during which only five or less ePosters will be highlighted at a time!
Excitingly, engagement with all abstracts and conundrums has been extended beyond the bounds of the conference. An online gallery allowing for questions and commentary will be accessible for three months after the conference has concluded, and we encourage everyone to explore the impressive collection.

What’s New?

  • ePosters allow presenters to “go green” – no more printing costs or transport hassle
  • Extended engagement and visibility for abstracts
  • Potential for presenters to gain even more feedback on their work
  • ePosters will be presented throughout Friday and Saturday
  • Scheduling is available in the conference app so you don’t miss an abstract!
  • You won’t miss your colleagues’ work with the new ability to view all ePosters online for three months!
  • Ability to connect with ePoster presenters via email after PHM 2022 ends

Abstracts & Conundrums Submissions

Thank you to the reviewers of Research Abstract & Clinical Conundrum submissions this year! Without your help, the Research Abstract & Clinical Conundrums co-chairs and PHM Planning Committee wouldn’t have been able to review all 647 submissions. Your contribution to this year’s program is invaluable and appreciated!
Have questions about your presentation or how ePosters will be incorporated into this year’s conference? Please contact our conference staff at phm@hospitalmedicine.org.

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